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Thank you so much for your interest in a Birth Story Session. These tender and memorable moments tend to be some of the biggest memories families have together and it’s an honor to be included. I am available for all home, birth center, and hospital births.

My goal as a birth photographer is to capture these moments so everyone can be present without any distraction. I consider myself a “fly on the wall” in the birthing space that can often be full of swift change and movement, quietly capturing your story as it unfolds and giving you space for rest when needed. My job is to capture all those tiny details of your special day, so you and your loved ones can simply be in the moment. After all, a baby only has one birth date and this is a very special day!

What does a Birth Story Session include?
• In-person consultation for us to get to know one another and for me to learn more about your birth plan. This can be in your home, over coffee, or at the park if you have older kiddos that need to blow off some steam.
• On call beginning 37 weeks and up to 42 weeks. This means I am available to your family 24/7 as you prepare for the big day. I stay local with the ability to drop anything in anticipation for delivery. I keep my cell phone near and love hearing updates—there is no such thing as TMI or bugging me too much.
• Unlimited time so that you can birth on your own schedule with baby in mind, without fear that it will be missed.
• Newborn exam and sibling/family meeting for up to two hours after baby is born. This is a time for those first family photos and capturing some of that quiet time of you bonding with baby earth side.
• Sneak peak within 24 hours so you can share that new sweet babe with loved ones anxiously awaiting news.
• Discounted Birth Space session to take place within 48 hours if you wish to have more photos after a bit more recovery time. This can be the perfect add-on if you have older children or other loved ones that weren’t at the actual birth. ($100 discount)
• Discounted Newborn session in the comfort of your home and following baby’s lead. ($100 discount)

What will the final product look like?
• Password protected online gallery with 100+ high-resolution digital images and a print release for you to enjoy as you wish within three weeks of delivery.
• Prints, products, albums, and birth announcements available to order virtually at-cost within the online gallery.
• Short movie with video and stills of up to one minute of those special bonding moments post-delivery.
• A $100 print credit applied to your online gallery.

Total investment is $1100
Note: February through April due dates are currently discounted to $950
Once payment is remitted, a contract will be sent to you and must be returned within 72 hours.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions.